How can you help?

We need sponsors!

We are also in need of corporate sponsorship to cover the cost of staging this challenge we are offering several packages which will be detailed on the website but range from £150 to £500 for which you will not only get our eternal thanks but at the minimum advertising on the website, our participants and or vehicles as we travel up to and including tickets to a proposed gala dinner which we will be having later in 2017, once John and Peter have regained the use of their legs.

Lodge Sponsorship!

If you would like to support this great challenge via your Lodge, details of how to sponsor us will be available shortly but if you have some funds spare then please feel free to deposit them into Relief Chest E0180. All payments will be credited to your individual and or Lodge total for the 2020 festival.

Getting involved!

This challenge is like a project which has a complex set of tasks ahead of it and help is needed in many areas, from sponsorship, logistics, marketing, and promoting. If you want to get involved and help with any of these areas, please contact Bill Stanton using

Donate through our relief chest E0180


To give a donation in support of Peter and John just click on the "Donate" button below and complete your details. 

All donations will be credited to the End2End event via the Relief Chest Scheme (Relief Chest number E0180).